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District 33 supports protective tree planting for McGregor Creek watershed

Jun 15, 2022

The McGregor Creek watershed will be better protected thanks to a $2,500 grant in 2021 from District 33 Chatham-Kent of RTOERO. The grant will go to the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority for “Imagine McGregor,” a tree-planting project.

The watershed drains fresh water into the Thames River. Tree planting can play a major role in protecting this sensitive environment. Trees improve soil and water conservation, stabilize erosion, store carbon, moderate local climate by providing shade, increase wildlife habitat, and improve the land’s capacity to adapt to climate change.

The District 33 funding is part of RTOERO’s annual Community Grants program. Districts apply for individual projects (education-related or other community initiatives) that support local programs. Up to $2,500 per project is available.

Since 1968, RTOERO has been a voice for those who work in and retire from the education sector. Our mission is to improve the lives of our members and seniors.

“Planting trees at the watershed is an example of environmental stewardship, and shows how we can all make a difference,” says Joan Durdan-Fitzpatrick, president, District 33 Chatham-Kent

Each year, a committee of RTOERO members assesses the merits of each Grant submission. For 2021, RTOERO funded 31 projects for a total of $79,885. Since the inception of the Community Grants program 21 years ago, RTOERO has donated $1.85 million to more than 525 programs and projects.